PhD course in Strategic Engineering and Decision Methods (SEDEM)



The PhD in Strategic Engineering and Decision Methods (SEDEM) is about strategic engineering and how it can be used in supporting decision makers.

Strategic engineering is a new emerging discipline that focuses on developing the combined use of modeling, simulation, data analysis, and artificial intelligence in a closed loop with Big Data to support decision makers in a wide range of applications. The Ph.D. aims to develop new capabilities using state-of-the-art technologies to create new solutions that provide strategic advantage in decision making.

SEDEM's program trains new scientists, engineers, and managers to work side-by-side with Decision Makers to design, develop, use, and finalize new Solutions for competitive advantage. It aims for "robust" systems design, capable of coping with possible changes in their operating conditions.

SEDEM is an international doctoral program and involves foreign universities that share experience and expertise in the fields of strategic engineering and decision-making methods. In fact, each foreign university involved has a doctorate in its own university related to the SEDEM doctorate. Thus, the teaching board will be composed of members from Italian universities and foreign universities, in proportions in accordance with ministerial guidelines.

This Ph.D. program is based on a 3-year program as the basic duration for the doctoral degree. 

Due to its transdisciplinary nature, the doctoral program is intended for young engineers, scientists, people with Master of Sciences degrees in computer science, economics, international affairs, and legal. The selection of candidates will be based on a review of the Curriculum Vitae and an oral interview. This will allow the selection of high quality candidates with great potential.

The faculty college assigns each doctoral student a mix of courses to increase the student's knowledge. Courses are selected based on the student's interests and research topic. Courses must be completed during the 3 years (usually in the first two years, to finalize the thesis in the third year).  The doctoral courses are taught by the different partner universities and are open to be accessed and completed either in-person or at a distance via web technologies. Ph.D. students will focus on developing a combined use of Modeling, Simulation and Optimization, Algorithms, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence, Methodologies and techniques for social research closely related to Big Data, to support Decision Makers in a wide range of applications, mainly in the field of  logistics and transport, industry and industrial plants, energy generation and management, green transition, safety and security, autonomous vehicles, humanitarian aid management, public administration.

Last update 10 October 2023